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[WORKSHOP] Letting go of 2020

Length: 1:32:39

Has this year been challenging or what? I think we can all agree it is a year we are mostly glad to see come to a close. But make no mistake, there have likely been blessings, growth moments and positive outcomes even in such a challenging time. I think it’s important to remember how much we have grown so we can wrap up this very odd year in a powerful way before we begin setting intentions and manifesting for 2021.

In this Live Workshop, I guide you through a powerful reflection process. We unravel the year that passed as a way to help you understand what you learned, how you became more powerful and how to let it all go. (This sets the groundwork for the “Choose Your Mantra” workshop we will do in January!)

Please be sure to download the accompanying Coaching PDF called Letting Go of 2020. I hope you enjoy!

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