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[GUEST TEACHER] Live Cooking Class with Heather Pierce Giannone - Colorful Mix and Match Turkey Veggie Bowl

Length: 0:53:51

Since week 2 of the 4-week Connect Program is all about connecting with your inner circle, I scheduled a live cooking class with one of my besties, chef extraordinaire, Heather Pierce Gianonne. Check it out to learn how to make a Colorful Mix and Match Turkey Veggie Bowl.

You will find the shopping list and the recipe with the video inside the Guest Teachers section. You will find the 4-week Connect Program inside the Programs section.

Heather studied at Integrative Nutrition in NYC and became a certified holistic health coach. She loves sharing super simple, lazy-proof cooking tricks and recipes that make healthy food taste like indulgent restaurant meals. To learn more and sign up to get free cooking videos and recipes, please visit her website:

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