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[LIVE SOUL STROLL] Stress Less, Live Free

Length: 0:44:18

IMPORTANT NOTE Given that this is a video, in order to listen while your phone is in lock mode you will have to : 1) Play video 2) Turn your lock screen on (so phone goes black) 3) Turn your lock screen back on. When you turn it on, you will see the play button for Soul Stroll.

The more you step into the flow, the better things go! Step into less stress and more freedom in your body and your life. This Soul Stroll was recorded LIVE (for the first time ever) with people strolling from around the world! I hope you enjoy it!


When I stay in the flow
The better things go
The more I’m at ease
The more I am free

My power is in the present
I let go of the past
I’m not worried about the future
The best is what I have

This is my life
And this is my time
I deserve to feel good
And I’m here to shine

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